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There are several books that might interest you.  I have authored four Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery books to prepare people for this important selection test. They are now in 3rd edition!

Job Seekers Online Goldmine is a compilation of various interactive webtools for people in career exploration and/or transition.

What Do I Like to Do contains more than 100 exercises and activities that help people connect their interests to future careers, majors, and jobs. It is helpful for people from high school through adult.

My newest book, IT Tools for the Technologically Timid, focuses on technology tools  that can be used by career counselors or coaches with their customers. This e-book describes how to use these free tools.  It is perfect for people who know they should be using technology tools to further their goals, market their products, provide training opportunities, etc. Start with trying out and using these free tools. Then move on and up as you gather expertise.

Here they are!

IT Tools for the Technologically Timid is a fabulous compendium of tools for people who want to create websites, collaborate with others, conduct surveys, schedule meetings with ease, improve their PowerPoint presentations with graphics and screen shots, create videos and podcasts, conduct webinars and many other helpful tools. It is sent to you in pdf format so that you can click on the links taking you directly to the tool. To purchase, click HERE.

There are two versions of the McGraw-Hill's ASVAB books, one with a CDROM and one without. The books provide an overview of the military services and their requirements and opportunities. There is an extensive description of the ASVAB test battery itself, and an expanded description of how the test scores are used for military entrance and job training. There is a diagnostic test with answers and explanations.  Following some test taking hints and study suggestions there is a comprehensive overview of each of the ASVAB tested areas, with extensive explanations.  Three additional practice tests with answers and explanations are provided. Now in 3rd edition.

The books are available in major bookstores and online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This book, Basic Training for the AFQT, has 8 ASVAB practice tests that focus on the AFQT - the main selection tests for military entrance.  There is a set of learning activities to help military applicants learn the skills necessary to score higher on this test composite. 

The book is available in major bookstores and online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

In the preparation of this book, Top 50 Skills for a Top Score on the ASVAB Reading and Math, I indentified the top 50 skills that are important on the ASVAB reading and math tests, and then taught the skills and gave an example application. After that, several tests questions that could help the reader more fully understand and apply the skils are provided. Answers and explanations are provided to better assure the reader "gets" the skill.

The book is available in major bookstores and online sellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This book, Job Seekers Online Goldmine, contains several tools that can be used with or by jobs seekers.  It helps job seekers identify their personal characterisitics like interests, values, and skills. It helps individuals understand occupations and their requirements and how to prepare for those occupations through training and education. Sources of funding for education and training are provided, as are suggestions for job hunting and career transition.

Purchase from or Amazon.

What Do I Like to Do: 101 Activities to Identify Interests and Plan Careers is chock fool of wonderful exercises you can use with persons who are exploring careers or are in career transition. The exercises help people to identify their career interests and see how those interests are related to occupations, hobbies, careers, school majors, friends, industries, and many other items. Many of the exercises are reproducible so that they can be used with groups at a workshop or in a classroom setting. Do not purchase from Amazon!

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