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Sage Solutions

Sage Solutions is a sole proprietorship, meaning we are not a big impersonal business. We specialize in career and workforce development to include writing, researching, program evaluation, vocational interests, online course development, assessment, training, professional development, and technology tools.

When a project requires a broader range of talent, we have a committed group of consultants who are ready, willing, and able to meet your specific needs and reach your standards of quality.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations and to fulfill your requirements at a fair price. We believe in win-win.

Contact us to find out what we can do for you.

The company is run by Dr. Janet Wall, CDFI, MCDP who has worked at the federal, state, and school district levels in the areas of assessment, evaluation, and career development. Her work has spanned the public and private sectors from the Pre-K level through executive development.

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